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Logo animation

Designing a logo can sometimes incorporate more than your average print and online use. Logos can often be animated on visual platforms such as film. For best results vector art is required for proper animation of a logo.

The logo below was created with Adobe Illustrator and then a simple three second end bug for video production was created with Adobe After Effects.

On a live feed broadcast the logo below has been changed to contrast more naturally with a filmed background in three animated forms:
A build bumper display, a lower third display and a corner display bug.

Type animation

Intro title frames for film work are often animated with type in creative ways. Below are examples of various uses of basic typographic animation to create interesting perspectives and depth of field.

Audio editing

Audio is an important part of the film editing process enhancing film work and impacting visual comminication. Below is a sample of how audio can drastically change how an image is perceived. A Spanish guitar track is replaced with a custom track made from over 30 sound bites.

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