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Graphic design

When creating imagery for a product it is important to think through the many ways such imagery can be used for promotion. The following is a fictitious design created for the purposes of demostrating this principle.

From posters to billboards and variations on themes to online marketing,
graphic design is used for promotion to make products succeed.

Marketing a product

Good marketing comes from repetition of design elements and a good design must embrace multiple platforms, from print to video and online. The image displayed below is designed for a billboard setting for a fictitious movie.

Variations on a theme

This billboard image can be split into three separate designs focusing on individual design elements. The images below are examples of the three variant designs that could be used as movie posters or variant book covers.

Environmental settings

This technique visualizes how the designs may appear in a typical
environment by placing content within a photo of an existing setting.

Internet marketing

Online streaming sites such as Netflix and Hulu have become more popular and a resulting effect on marketing has developed through emailed gifs.
These are examples of gifs for emailing.

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